5 Saddest Deaths In Movie Ever

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You surely noticed that lately movies and comics that inspire kids are not exclusively addressed to children anymore. One of the first things we think of when we say it’s not kid-friendly are shocking scenes, especially deaths.

The thing with movies like those from MCU is that the characters, whether they were villains, heroes, or just average people completing the story have probably been with us since our childhood, at least enough time for us to get really used to them, so their suppression could be nothing less than emotionally charged.

Here are some of the most marking deaths in movies.

A Character Who Died as a Hero: Death of Logan

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Logan has lived long centuries of fights and war due to his mutant power that heals all his wounds, but he finally died poisoned by adamantium from his clone, after he saved Laura and others from him. Even if it’s one of the three deaths that happened in the same movie of 2017, this one was the most tear-dropping, and his last words warning Laura not to be what they made will mark our memory forever.


The Very Beginning of Batman: Death of the Waynes

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So many versions of Batman have been created since 1989, and the death of his parents has taken so many different pictures. Even the killer isn’t the same from one movie to another. What doesn’t change, though, is the scene of a young Bruce Wayne standing by his Knocked down parents, lost, angry, and not realizing the huge life that’s for him. With every version of the story, this unfortunate event is always what creates a self-made, nearly invincible hero. A hero who wasn’t even born with special assets, and now the security of a whole city lies on his shoulders.

A character that wasn’t ready to Leave: Death of the Ancient one

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Doctor Strange’s mentor, The Ancient One, is proof that no matter how death is postponed, you would never feel ready for it. The last thing she told her pupil while he met her in an astral body in front of the hospital was that she’s still stretching her last moments even if he would come to think she is ready to go after such a long life.

At first sight, the sorcerer appears as a flawless character that inspires wisdom and loyalty, but she soon comes to be the one who breaks the rules she set herself, attempting to fight the dark forces by prolonging her life through dark practices. The discovery of her betrayal eventually creates a war in Kamar-Taj. 

A Brutal End: Death of Loki

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Loki was one impressive character, being the brother of Thor by adopting, once with him, and once against him, we grew to get used to this god and embrace him into the story of Avengers. That’s it was not only marking but shocking when he has been choked to death by his own Titan brother Thor. It was so inconceivable that people made all kinds of theories about Loki’s comeback, but sadly we came to realize by the end of the saga in 2019 that this death has nothing fake to it.


One of Joker’s Most Cruel Moves: Death of Rachel

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Rachel, Bruce’s old friend, was killed by Joker’s cruelty and dishonesty without even being able to finish her last words. The prince of crime took in hostage two citizens in different locations surrounded by gas and ticking bombs. Persuaded that it’s impossible for Batman and Gotham’s police combined to save both victims, and aware that the hero would run for his friend first, he lied about her location and mixed it with Harvey Dent’s. Everything eventually went according to his plan, Batman saved Harvey, and the police were too late for the poor woman. A death that really shakes our hearts.

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