Avatar 2’s Kate Winslet Explains What It’s Like To Work With James Cameron Again After Titanic

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The last time director James Cameron and Kate Winslet collaborated together, they produced the highest-grossing movie ever made. Maybe it’s understandable that the pair reunited to make the sequel to Avatar, the movie that ultimately replaced Titanic as the highest-grossing movie ever made. Although it might be nice to see the two together again, it’s more than a little shocking to be honest, though it seems a lot has changed in over 20 years.

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Though Titanic may have been one of the biggest love stories in cinema history, the film’s actual production was anything like most reports. Although Kate Winslet rarely said something really negative about the experience, she recently seemed to relate to the recorded difficulties when she told THR how much better Avatar 2 was for her. She credits past years that seem to have made James Cameron more relaxed in general. According to Winslet…

Working with Jim again was so great. Time changed him. Jim’s been a father a few more times. He’s a simpler person. Chilled. You can feel him loving it more this time.

Kate Winslet has generally downplayed claims that James Cameron was somewhat hard to work with on Titanic, and would often lose his set temper. However, there were other problems, including a nickname James Cameron allegedly used to refer to Winslet, which referred to her weight. Kate Winslet also recently got Titanic’s set pneumonia, which, if nothing else, makes it more than interesting that the actress signed up for another movie with James Cameron that would put her in the water for long periods of time.

All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Whatever Kate Winslet’s thoughts about James Cameron were, she has nothing but positive things to say now. After all, it’s been more than two decades and nobody remains the same at that time. Cameron’s seemingly mellowed. Whether or not losing his temper on Titanic’s set was a huge deal or not the new James Cameron really doesn’t do such things.

While the set of a production that is in the middle of shooting two movies during a pandemic is definitely a place full of fascinating questions, the much more interesting question is exactly when we will ever see these movies. The Avatar sequels first release dates were already out too long ago if the original dates were reached. We thought we’d actually see the second film next year, but pandemic has postponed things up to December 2022.

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