Best Movies of 2020 (So Far)

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2020 has just started, but there are already quite a few good movies that were released, which we can watch right now. Also, remember that we’ve seen fewer moves than expected because of quarantine and coronavirus outbreak. This virus problem also has a significant effect on films which are filming and are in the making right now. 

Because of lockdown, everyone sits at home and can’t work on set. So a lot of films have already changed their dates of release. Most of the releases been moved to autumn, but some films will be released only in 2021. Also, these are strange times for movie festivals and ceremonies like Oscar or Cannes. The next big event will be in Toronto, Canada, followed by Venice, Italy. So we can’t know how many films we will see in the remaining part of the year. Regardless of this fact, let’s check out five movies that we think are best in 2020 so far.


This is a comedy-drama film from Great Britain, Otem de Oyald filmed it. We will see the story about a small girl named Emma WodHouse, who thinks that she knows everything about human characters. So she’s starting to bring her friends tougher, basically force them to make love and marry. She helped her friend to love another guy, but this guy wants to make love with Emma, not with her friend. After the rejection, he left the country and her friend staying without a husband. After all of these, she continues searching for a new man. This is a hilarious and interesting film to watch a movie about love.

First Cow

This is another drama from the United States of America, created by Kelly Richard. The movie tells us a story about a poor cook, which lives at the start of America, who wants to start a new business and make a little money. Once, he found a cow that did not belong to him and met another traveler from China. Together they start a business, which is founded actually on someone else’s cow. This is not legal, but they do not think about any lows, this is their chance to start a new life, they can become business man’s from the bottom. They just take milk from that cow and then make their products and try to sell them.


The Half of It

This is a teenager’s melodrama and comedy about true and hard love, which we all can feel. We will see a story about teenagers in university or college. There are three main characters, a cool rich guy, a sportsman, a brilliant Asian girl, but without any friends, and the object of love, an amazing, beautiful, and famous girl. When this sporty guy paid a smart girl, the story starts, so she can help him finally make love with an attractive girl, but happens one unexpected thing. An intelligent girl understands that during all of these, she falls in love with that gorgeous girl, which is called a love triangle, a fantastic film about the teenage love story.

Les Misérables

A French film, made in France and shot initially been on the French language, is French criminal drama that sounds pretty cool from the start. This film tells us a compelling story about a criminal block in the back of Paris, romanticized by Victor Hugo. And the about main character, guy named Stefan, is just starting his professional way, working for the police. He started working in this bad district. He and his mates are starting doing bad things because they feel their police power; they exceed their official authority. But everything changes once, when one guy films everything that they did on his drone with cameras.

The Assistant

The last film on our list is from the USA. We will see and feel a story about a young lady who wants to become a professional producer. But she to need to start from the bottom, so she came working as an assistant to producer. But that brings only problems, problems with colleagues. She is just sitting in the office and do some not exciting things on the work.

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