Birds of Prey Begging for Support with A Hashtag on Twitter

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The financial disappointment is often measured by how the performance in the box office compares to similar films. It is hard to call Birds of Prey a total flop. The movie managed to earn some money and, while severely underperforming, got first place in its first week of release. The hold wasn’t bad during its second week but after a week opening, it was not something to brag about. Whether the movie will have legs is also a big question. So far, it seems that it will be a middle-of-the-pack movie without huge aspirations to pursue.

Due to weak numbers, the possibility of a sequel is uncertain to say the least. If Harley Quinn is well received in the next installment of the Suicide Squad series, we may see her return to be a lead in a new standalone movie again. Judging by the performance of this particular movie, Harley is out of luck. 

The fans of the heroine decided to support the movie by starting a new hashtag on Twitter saying #ReasonsToSupportBoP. The hashtag was designed to promote the movie while it was still in theaters. The hashtag was trending for a while receiving some support in the form of about 10 thousand tweets. The vast majority of people who used the hashtag expressed their positivity in regards to the movie and said that it was enjoyable and deserving of praise.

Some tweets focused on the diversity aspect of the picture that was directed by an Asian woman and featured a diverse set of characters. Many people called the diversity of cast and crew members worthy of praise on its own. Fans also argued that supporting this film would lead to more movies being made by diverse crews of creative people and more superhero films directed by female directors.


Amongst other reasons to support Birds of Prey, fans named a tight script with interesting character arcs, character design, and good humor. The hashtag even attracted attention from the director of the movie touched by a wave of supportive messages. She expressed her gratitude on Twitter.

The narrative surrounding the film is formed. While it is not a big financial disappointment and some might even call it a moderate success, the truth is film definitely didn’t reach its expectations. It is a superhero (or a supervillain) comic book movie that is supposed to make $500 million worldwide easily. Fans are mostly happy with the result and even critics threw some praise at it, but general audiences did not like the movie to the degree they were expected to.

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