Borderlands The Movie Will Be The Next Huge Video Game Adaptation

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With the recent success of both Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, the curse of video game adaptations being financial and critical bombs seems to be lifted. What’s more, is that studios look for crazy ideas and more mature games to turn into movie franchises. One of the recent projects that caught our attention is Borderlands pitched by Eli Roth.

Borderlands is a relatively young videogame franchise that has a big following yet the fanbase consists of hardcore RPG/first-person shooter gamers which is a niche audience. Both Pokemon and Sonic are brands widely recognized by casual gamers and many people who grew up surrounded by consoles. These were also family-friendly movies centered on characters that kids really like. Borderlands are exactly the opposite!

With explosive action, gun violence, lots of swearing, and a distinct art style, the game is certainly something that will require the level of Mad Max crazy to really create the vibe recognizable to fans of the game. Even the setting is close to what was depicted in Mad Max movies. However, the Fury Road was a modest financial success that did not make Hollywood producers lick their lips in anticipation of the opportunity to make another one.

Will the same artistic approach work for Borderlands? It very much depends on the number of fans who are willing to go to theaters. The game is cinematic and has recognizable elements and, more importantly, characters. The latest entry in the game franchise was warmly welcomed and became a hit with five million copies sold during the first week of release. 


The movie is more than capable of becoming a huge hit with the right approach, marketing, and creative team behind the camera. However, the feature is only in very early development. It doesn’t even have an outline of a story. It’s just an idea about a great movie with futuristic weapons, crazy mercenaries, and big robots. Nevertheless, the idea hooked Eli Roth and he expressed a desire to cast some cosplayers as extras who will die in horrendous ways. 

We are impatiently waiting for more details about the plot, cast, and script of the movie. We haven’t seen a proper M-rated video game adaptation ever! 

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