Here’re the Celebrities Who are Aging but Their Beach Bodies Defy Time

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They believe beauty fades as you get older, but it’s a bologna load. While often in our genetics, as we age, we have some influence over our bodies. It’s certainly harder to achieve the sculpted look, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some stars shatter the myth by working hard and having the body, many of us can only hope.

These ladies prove you can age like a fine wine with hard work and get better with time! Granted, many of them have personal trainers, but after all, it seems their secrets aren’t so hidden. They’ve been good enough to clarify what they’re eating and their workout routine, so we could get the awesome beach body we always desired.

Jennifer Lopez

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Anyone who’s seen a Jennifer Lopez (50) music video or performance knows that she has a physique that doesn’t stop. Lopez frequently works with two coaches to put together such a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen that works her muscles to the limit.

She also blends it with workouts, kickboxing, and ab exercises. Only think about what’s exhausting! Like other stars, she says water is the body’s most important thing. She ditched caffeine and alcohol from her diet. She also enjoys clean, nutrient-rich lifestyle foods.


 Jennifer Aniston

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As per Jen (51) herself, she works out 7 days a week for an hour or two with no exceptions. As far as workout, she boxes, jumps rope, does strength exercises, and trains with several resistance bands.

About what she eats, she claims her diet is a major part of it. She eats “as many] organic veggies and fruits” as she can while maintaining “sugar [intake] low, [drinking] loads of water, and also get good night’s sleep.”

Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon (44) is just like us when it comes to fitness, not the biggest fan. She always does it but not to other celebrities on the list. She’s doing cardio for 30 minutes, six days a week. Yoga retreats are her favorite exercise, but Simone is still known to do body exercises a few days a week.

Like many celebrities today, Reese Witherspoon believes diets should be whole and healthy. It’s no longer the ’90s when diets reigned supreme. Working closely with nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, she cherishes her Glowing Green Smoothie. The smoothie became a go-to celebrity. Reese doesn’t limit her diet food, including carbohydrates, which is her self-acclaimed preferred late-night snack.


Halle Berry

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Those abs don’t come fast! Halle Berry (53) likes MMA practice and uses kettlebells. On top of all that, she followed the keto diet. Berry has been a diabetic almost all of her life, so she’s always taken food very carefully.

Berry has said if you’re like me, you can likely overcome type 2 diabetes, you’ll experience better athletic ability, better sick, and also less acne if that’s a concern.”

Carmen Electra

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Carmen Electra (48) was the lifeguard you wished to save you at the beach, and it’s still relevant today. Over the years, Electra’s workout routine hasn’t changed much. Her family put her in dance lessons when she was younger, and today, dancing is her workout. She does aerobic stripteases and dance DVDs.

She drinks loads of water—and we say tons—to keep her body bikini-ready. Before she even starts to drink two bottles of water (yeah, we said two bottles). She then loads up on protein fish, adding fruits and vegetables on the side. As far as carbs go, Electra adores sushi.

Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani (50) hasn’t been aged a day since the No Doubt song. It doesn’t come without a huge amount of effort. She says when talking to Harper’s Bazaar, “There’s no secret: you have to eat healthily, work out and torture yourself! “HIIT training, circuit training, and full-body cardio for 60-70 minutes per session four times a week.

Gwen’s diet is less severe. She’s mainly a vegan, but she’ll go through carb cycling phases. Often she avoids pasta, bread and rice, but she indulges in keeping her body fit. Stefani drinks lots of water – a popular trend for fit celebrities.

Sofia Vergara

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Sofia Vergara (47) has numerous trainers to keep her body fit. She works for an hour or more five days a week. Another Vergara trainer focuses exclusively on her glutes – plenty of squats and raises laterally. Her exercise routine isn’t for the faint hearts, but it gives results.

Vergara may look like she eats nothing unhealthy, but she has a particularly strong sweet tooth. Though she claims she consumes plenty of fruits and vegetables, she eats desserts over the weekend. She stays away from salt because she claims it makes her eyes look puffy the next day.

Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria (45) knows absolutely where the fountain of youth is, particularly because she recently had a boy. What happened to all the pregnancy weight? She figured it out! Second, she gave her time to transition to postpartum and post-pregnancy. When she was able to start training again, she concentrated on cardio. She would go out for a morning run but backed it up with a balanced breakfast.

Diet really maintains her shape. Longoria says she could “I could easily be a vegetarian… I love cooking with vegetables.” She eats what she likes in balance but does her efforts to eliminate sugar. Her stomach is still greater than her will and she gets caught up, but it may be every three months.

Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek’s (53) figure seems impossible to achieve, particularly because she’s considered one of Hollywood’s finest women. She suggests the first tip? Keep a positive attitude. Holding your body upright helps your muscles work all day. She also does fast, but routine cardio workouts for 30 minutes or less seven days a week.

Hayek’s a huge juicing proponent. From a young age, she’s enjoyed making her own organic fruit and vegetable drink. Since she’s a foodie and avid chef, she doesn’t limit herself. Diets aren’t her thing, but consistency helps keep her waist thin.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt (41) wins the red carpet wherever she walks. She exercises a lot to keep her body. Indeed, she calls exercise her hobby because she enjoys it so much. Whatever kind – HIIT, strength exercises, cardio – she loves it all. Since it’s her passion, she works all the time, every weekday.

Hewitt prefers not to have unhealthy food in her refrigerator because it’s better than self-control. Because she only consumes 1,500 calories a day, she can’t consume many things. Her diet is high-protein low-carb meals like avocado and tuna salad. She grabs fruit as it’s low calorie and highly nutritious. She removed alcohol and dairy from her diet.

Jennifer Garner

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Although Jennifer Garner (48) ventures into her 50s, her health-consciousness has paid off seriously. Garner is another celeb with Simone De La Rue and Body By Simone. She does this plus endurance and cardio training four to five days a week at least when she’s not preparing for a film.

Although exercise is necessary, nothing outweighs the fork. Garner’s diet is strict. She works with Kelly LeVeque, a celebrity nutritionist known for Be Well by Kelly Diet.” That said she doesn’t deny anything. Garner likes to bake and cook, so she eats in moderation.

Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba (39) is strict about her exercise routine. She takes spin or hot yoga sessions every morning. We’re not exactly sure how it’s managed. Although she loves YogaSculpt, she combines it with hardcore physical workouts to prevent things from getting too slow.

Diet is also a significant part of her life. She sticks to a low-sugar and carbohydrates diet while high in lean proteins and veggies. She can’t deny anything though. If she is nervous, she must manage it. “When I feel I’m depriving myself, I find I’m binge. That’s not a balanced approach,” Alba informs Elle Australia.

Julia Roberts

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Introducing a new 52 look like 30, Julia has a strict workout regimen. Roberts studies yoga and trains an hour four times a week. She admittedly doesn’t enjoy exercise, but she loves the outcomes and how she feels afterward – that’s which we can all relate to. Often, she does phase aerobics to spice stuff for at least 40 minutes of bodywork.

Her diet is somewhat less intense. Roberts thinks food should be appreciated and controlled. She likes carbs and eats them (as long as they are nutritiously whole foods). Since she’s a stay-at-home mom with three children, mealtimes are a family affair, and she uses this time as a way to educate her children about food. Roberts repeats, “To get the good stuff you must eat.”

Cindy Crawford

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Cindy Crawford’s (54) go-to workout is aerobic and strength training equals 20 minutes of cardio (trampoline, treadmill, or elliptical) and then weights. She also loves going to a pole dance class with her parents. Crawford tries to squeeze three days a week with a workout.

Then there’s a diet. She has one clear rule: no food. Diet-wise, she doesn’t eat crap” and she “doesn’t eat a lot of processed foods.” She’ll go for a protein shake for breakfast, lunch salad, and healthy dinner.

Elizabeth Hurley

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Elizabeth Hurley (55) was the 90’s dream woman, not much has changed. She still looks fine thanks to her exercise and diet schedule. Hurley has no strict workout schedule but remains busy all day. She’ll go on long walks with her dogs on weekends, stretching every day. Occasionally she’ll go to a yoga or pilates class as well as do home exercises on the stomach, arm, and butt.

Hurley prioritizes water all day. She wakes up and has two glasses, followed by drinking water all day. Processed foods are a big no-no. She’d prefer something plain, normal, fresh and quick. “If I’m at home in the country, I still try to eat food that’s grown locally. That’s meat and vegetables.”

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