Christopher Nolan’s «Tenet» release date postponed for August 12

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Studio Warner Bros. postponed the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s movie «Tenet» again! And they have done that several times already! The release date of the movie is as confusing as the plot of the movie itself.

Some insiders have previously reported about a possibility of such an outcome. So their predictions were true. Besides, it was understandable that the studio wouldn’t want to risk that early amid the slow opening of cinemas and the potential danger of COVID-19. Given that the budget of the movie is $ 200 million, such a risk could simply not pay off.

However, the new strategy is about playing the movie longer than usual so that everyone has time to enjoy the hot new premiere! Warner Bros commented that they intend to release the Tenet when everything is ready for this, and the government gives a green light.

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Such a situation requires flexibility and the right decisions – commented Warner Bros. Besides, it is also planned that the movie will play longer than usual, which will allow the new strategy to achieve the goal. In these difficult times, companies must be as effective as possible and develop strategies with a completely new approach.


The main issue is the payback of the movie. Earlier viewers were impatiently waiting for the day of the Tenet premiere on the big screen. But today, due to the pandemic, people are ready to wait for better times. It is likely that, given the ever-changing epidemic situation, the release date of the film may be rescheduled again.

Initially, the company announced July 17 as a premiere date. However, later they postponed its release to July 31. Two weeks after that, Warner Bros. moved the premiere of the picture again to August 12. It is highly likely that the date will be rescheduled again, although initially, Christopher Nolan didn’t want any postponement at all. The producer wanted the cinemas to open with his movie. 

We remind you that the production budget of Tenet is estimated at 200 million dollars or more. Therefore, to fulfill the box office takings will be possible only if 80 % of all cinemas in the world will be opened. Nowadays, cinema owners are thinking over the strategies for safe work and a smooth return to the usual mode.

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