Defeating the Competition: Sonic Is a Big Win

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If you’ve been following the trades recently, you know that many industry experts were doubtful that Sonic the Hedgehog has “legs” to run past its competitors in the box office territory. While the fast hedgehog is definitely a menace due to its recognizable design and a long history in pop-culture, standing strong against Birds of Prey and Bad Boys for Life, both featuring respected characters, seemed to be a tall task.

The box office results were impressive for Sonic. It managed to take the top spot of the box office with relative ease effortlessly pushing aside Birds of Prey that failed to appeal to general audiences and lost some business. With Dolittle underperforming and no other significant competitors in the family film category, Sonic swept the box office and took $57 million domestically in its first week. It managed to earn $26 million more during its second week and dropped 55%. The total domestic cume is $106 million which is very impressive. The picture also held to its first-place despite being challenged by the newcomer The Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford.

International numbers are also quite good. While not an overperformer in other territories, Sonic managed to earn $96 million internationally for a worldwide total of $204 million. Again, these are not groundbreaking numbers, but the financial stability and profitability are a sure thing for this videogame character.

Moviespremieres | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

There is not much else to discuss with the rest of the box office race participants. Birds of Prey continue to be a mild disappointment despite changing the name to a more recognizable Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. Bad Boys for Life is set for another sequel if actors want to return back to the franchise. Jumanji performs well and is about to complete its run similar to the previous installment. 


The Photograph is performing as expected with a slight overperformance due to good word of mouth and positive reviews. However, it won’t compete with Sonic ether. Sonic will definitely earn more money since it has at least one weekend before Onward goes wide and The Invisible Man is unlikely a strong competitor to a family-friendly video game adaptation. All in all, it seems that Sega should start thinking about a sequel and adapting other games to a big screen!

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