Here is 11 good and popular dramas, which you can watch on Netflix.

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At this moment Netflix is a leader on showing Koreans TV-series. In this list below we put 11 best Korean shows. We will start from number 11 and continue to number 1.

11. Kingdom

We are starting our top from the Kingdom. Kingdom is a drama about zombie and historical setting, plot is goes around Korean Prince, which try to protect his country from the zombies and crisis. This TV-show tells us about problems of prince and difference between classes in Korea. There are two seasons at this moment.

10. Itaewon Class


This drama is not really a romance, but contains it. We are watching series about guy, who just came from the prison and now want to find his enemies, as usual in other Korean films, there are problems about gay community, problem with class discrimination and double race people. Also, it has wonderful video picture. 

9. Vagabond

This drama tells us about guy which starting investigation about very strange plane crush, because in that crush died his relatives. Interesting that this show covers Morocco and coasts of Spain, so really beautiful views, main character is former pilot, so he has experience in flights.

8. Love Alarm


Typical Korean drama about school and bad effect of social media. Main intent — there is special dating app like badoo, which rings every time when someone loves you. It covers effect of social networks on our private life and on children at all, apps like these damages’ communication between people.

7. My Holo Love

As you can understand from the title, this drama is all about future and technologies. Super-typical Korean love trio and other things included. But it’s really easy to watch, basically hilarious TV-show. This series shows us how technologies can help people which is alone and feel badly, instead of drama before.

6. Memories of the Alhambra

This drama tells us story about one guy, which is director of technological company, who want to invest in VR project. But then creator of project strangely disappears and director try to find his relatives. Series show us different places from Barcelona and ancient knights to deserts and oceans.

5. Live

This is amazing drama about work of policeman and criminal guys. We are looking story about pare of policeman guys, they failed to find any other job, so ended up with this. Drama cover modern Korea problems, such big unemployment for young Koreans and brutality of police. Not typical film about police.

4. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

This show is based on another American popular TV-show with same name. It shows us a lot of hided staff about Government and politics itself in the Korea. The main thing about film — a lot of people killed by something and now they need to form new government to control the country.

3. Chief of Staff

This is another Korean drama about politics. We are watching fight between two powerful guys in government, both want to get more power and become better than each over. As usual all of these mixed with different love stories, which highly affect this fight. It looks like the best USA films about politics.

2. Mr. Sunshine

This drama is all about Korean history and it will be interesting for everyone. Story starts in 1901, when Japan took Korean land under control. Young man from America is starting working as diplomat, and he has Korean relatives, this fact has great effect on his work, because now he needs to work with Japan diplomats.

1. Crash Landing On You

And this our best pick, first place. To understand what it is about you just need to hear these words — relationships between South and North Korea. Nothing more to say, just watch this fantastic Korean drama.

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