Is Tenet 2 Possible?

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The sequel of Tenet can seem to many people like an improbable idea as Christopher Nolan isn’t big on doing sequels, really. With that said, those who’ve seen the director’s latest movie can’t help but think that we shouldn’t rule this possibility out completely.

In this movie, the viewers watch John David Washington‘s character exploring the mysterious technology of time inversion with the aim to save humanity. If you want to read more about the plot and overall concept, read this article (spoilers alert).

Here we’re going to speculate on the idea of a sequel, so don’t read further if you haven’t watched the first part – spoilers ahead!

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In Tenet, we found out that Neil (played by Robert Pattinson) has been working for Tenet for longer than the Protagonist, but in the future (yes, it’s complicated).


And that’s not all; Neil got involved with the Tenet organization because of the Protagonist, at the first place, only for the main character, that happens in the future. So, Neil lives in an inverted timeline for the most part.

So, the Protagonist is going to meet the younger version of Neil and get him to work for the organization.

This part is exactly what would make for a great sequel. We would get to know more about the Tenet organization, Neil’s past, the main character’s future, and what happens to humanity in general.

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There’s a lot for Nolan to explore in the second movie, and we would love to see it all through Neil’s eyes, who will know as little in the beginning as the viewer.


Christopher Nolan has mentioned before that Tenet is his version of a James Bond movie, and maybe he’s going to make a series, just like with the beloved spy.

But it’s objectively too early right now to get all hyped up about the new movie, especially if we consider Nolan’s career by now. Apart from three movies about the Dark Knight, the talented director has never created sequels. Moreover, unanswered questions don’t really bother him (think about the ending of the Inception, for example).

All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

That’s why the fact that we don’t get much information about the Tenet alone doesn’t mean there will be more.

Maybe it will depend on this movie’s success in theatres, and in this case, we should really hope that lots of people are going to watch it, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Fans are left hoping that the next part follows, but for now, we can rewatch Tenet, find more interesting details in it, and use them to build our own theories. Trust me, there’s enough material. 

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