Knives Out Cast Ditched Their Trailers

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Director Rian Johnson changed gears definitively with last year’s release of the modern “Whodunit” – Knives Out. In stark contrast to his efforts with the Star Wars franchise that left viewers and fans unsatisfied to say the least, Johnson hit it out of the park with Knives Out. A film that grossed over $300 million worldwide on only a $40 million budget.

That being said, it turns out that part of that $40 million was a total waste of money as the cast chose mostly to forego their use of their personal trailers on the set of the film. Why? Because the home where the film is set was as fantastic as the film and cast themselves.

According to Ram Bergman, the producer of Knives Out in a cut from the Blu-ray release:

“Nobody really went to their trailers. It was such a waste of money. You have to provide it (the trailers), but it was so great to see people just like each other and just like to hang with the crew, with the cast, and just keep talking. It was just a great energy.”


The film, if you haven’t seen it already, is mostly shot inside a mansion where a family gathering is taking place. The plot centers on the mysterious murder of the patriarch of the family and a master detective is brought in to assist in solving the crime. 

Johnson was able to acquire a stellar cast to bring a fresh spin on the familiar trope with the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, and even Mr. Miami himself – Don Johnson. 

The actual mansion used for most of the film is located in Boston and with the exception of the library scenes, everything you see in the film is in the real house. Riki Lindhomme who plays Donna Thrombey in the film, stated that the trailers were actually inconvenient to use since they were located so far from the set. Instead, the cast chose to spend time with each other during breaks in shooting.

Lindhomme recalled:


“We’re filming it at this gorgeous old estate in New England. It’s this beautiful field and a lake but because of that, the trailers are far away from the house. So we are all in the house together all day. So we’ll get ready in the morning and get makeup and hair done but then we bus up to the house and we’re all in the same room and the whole cast hangs out all day.”

Insiders has shared that Jamie Lee Curtis was quite the matriarch of the cast and crew and got to know the home owners very well. From all reports, the whole team got along very well and the production was quite a joy for everyone involved. Despite the backstabbing family motif, the stars of the film really became a tight knit group by the end of production.

Of course, with its success, a sequel has already been confirmed and is in the works.

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