Margot Robbie Made Sure DC Universe’s Harley Quinn TV Show and Birds Of Prey Are Totally Different Things

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It wasn’t long ago when DC and Warner Bros put their foot down to not let Arrowverse and Gotham introduce a Harley Quinn character at the same time the Suicide Squad movie was released. It is much less tense now that we have Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey in theaters and DC Universe’s Harley Quinn show ending its first season at the same time.

No wonder that Margot Robbie got curious as to how far the projects are from one another.

According to the producers, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, it wasn’t that hard to convince Margot Robbie that the Harley Quinn she portrays in the movie is a whole different thing than her animated version voiced, by the way, by Kaley Cuoco. Here’s what they told us about Robbie’s visit to the studio.

“Although one funny story is that when we were first beginning the show, DC and Geoff Johns had us meet with Margot Robbie, because I think she was interested in what we were doing with our Harley because I think she was genuinely curious and wanted to make sure their movie was different than ours. And I think at some point someone pitched out the part in Episode 2 where Harley breaks down a 13-year-old boy by making him admit he’d lied about fingerbanging someone. And Margot was like ‘uh yeah yours seems different than ours.”


Honestly, nearly 100% of DC Universe’s (R-rated) Harley Quinn’s content would be deemed inappropriate for Harley Quinn television series. However, it’s not due to any sex scenes, rather the language, violence and drugs. No romantic quest talks, you know.

As bloody as it may get in the feature film, she still won’t be talking about fingerbanging for sure.

This is a sole privilege of the DC Universe TV show along with a whole load of other hysterical trash.

Surprisingly, as Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker confirmed, the Suicide Squad will not appear on screen at least until after the first two seasons for reasons that has been mentioned before as fans remember.


“They’re not in the first twenty six episodes, I can tell you that. When we first started working on Harley, that movie had just came out (insane how long animation takes) and we were kind of like, hmmm, let’s not oversaturate. Little did we know our show wouldn’t be finished for basically four years.”

Still, by the time the TV Show was finally put together Suicide Squad had somehow been able to stay on top of the curve. So the fact the showrunners didn’t want to overfeed the audience with the rest of the characters makes perfect sense, hence the time-out. 

Despite this, the producers made it crystal clear we will not see the squad in the first 26 episodes and it somehow implies a hint we’ll get to see them afterwards.

A great plan for the weekend would be heading to the movies to see Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey and warm it up with the animated series airing on Fridays with its finale, which aired in late February.

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