Mark Hamill to Star in The Witcher as THE WITCHER?!

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If you are interested in The Witcher franchise that has been on the rise recently, you will love the news that just dropped on us! Netflix never stops when it comes to producing something new for its viewers. The company immediately recognized how popular the new show is and decided to double down on its decision to make it one of Netflix flagships.

As fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the show, Netflix announced its plans to expand the universe and add an animated movie to its huge collection of video entertainment. The animated movie is still in its early production stage. The core storyline is not yet determined but it will be set in the same universe as The Witcher show. The books have a plenty of characters to choose from including other witchers who are still alive and hunt monsters in regions where the White Wolf does not appear frequently enough to keep the population of various beasts under control.

The main character of the upcoming movie is Vesemir who taught Geralt a lot of the things he uses in the show. Vesemir is a mysterious persona who knows everything about the monsters and magic as well as other war arts. While not one of the fan favorites, the character plays a prominent role in the universe and has a connection to the Law of Surprise concept.

It is all good fun and we are definitely happy that a new piece of universe will be shows to us in a different medium. However, the biggest news is that Mark Hamill expressed his interest in reprising the role. Hamill is loved by the Star Wars community and widely known for his iconic portrayal of Luke Skywalker. Many people also know him as the voice behind the Joker in animated Batman series. His portfolio as a voice actor is impressive to say the least.

Adding such a popular voice talent to the cast of the upcoming The Witcher movie would be a massive audience draw. Vesemir is teased in the first season of The Witcher during the period when Geralt was recovering from his wounds. Vesemir is voiced by Theo James, yet we did not see his face or heard more from him. If the animated movie will arrive sooner than the next season of the show (which is doubtful), Mark Hamill may become THE voice behind a new iconic character!

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