Mobius and Venom Are Already Connected? Let’s Check Out Set Photos!

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It is hard to find anything interesting to do during the lockdown. The coronavirus outbreak is definitely one of the biggest threats humanity has ever faced. All industries are suffering heavily and the unemployment numbers are skyrocketing. However, there is another thing that adds sadness to this whole ordeal. When you sit at home, you want entertainment. However, there is nothing new to see: everything is being delayed and postponed.

The news cycle is full of stories about celebrities dealing with the outbreak in the luxury of their multi million mansions. It seems that you don’t have much to do outside of just watching old movies, binging TV shows, and playing video games. For many people, the idea of not having anything to talk about is quite new. At the same time, a big part of the public and private discourse is talking about upcoming movies.

It was really sad to hear that the highly anticipated Morbius movie is being delayed due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The movie is pushed back by 7 months and won’t be gracing the big screen until late fall. 

When Sony announced Morbius and released the first trailer, many people felt confused more than anything else. Venom was a big hit. It was a silly, action-packed sci-fi comic book movie (what a mouthful) that managed to entertain those who like such entertainment. People generally agreed that it wasn’t a cinematic marvel or something to remember for years to come but it was surely very fun and Tom Hardy’s amazing acting saved the movie from being a completely forgettable CGI monstrosity.


The sequel talks started immediately. The creators of the movie were sure that the movie would be received well and made the ending very open to any sequels. In fact, you can turn Venom into a full-blown superhero and the majority won’t bat an eye. Venom is a big part of the Spiderman universe. Sony announced that it has plans to bring all Spiderman villains to the big screen in one form or another creating their own team-up movie sometime in the future.

The trailer for Morbius already hinted at the existence of Peter Parker in his universe. While fans of the MCU are now thinking how two universes can co-exist with a single Tom Holland considered to be the “canon” Spiderman, there are many people who just cannot wait to get a glimpse of what the Spiderman universe made by Sony can be. 

Recently, a couple of new photos from the sets of Morbius were made public. These photos were not official: a dedicated fan just walked around one of the sets and saw a very interesting graffiti featuring a blackhead that loosely resembles Venom. The reference to Spiderman was also just a poster on the wall. Morbius definitely hints at the fact that he is not the only supernatural being in his movie and that there is a possibility that he will at some point meet both Peter Parker and Venom (whoever the host may be at the time).

What’s more interesting is the geography of the whole thing. You see, the events of the Venom movie are happening in San Francisco. Eddie Brock is doing an investigation into the corporation that has its headquarters in California. The movie ends with a massive fight between Venom and Riot. However, it is never stated that Eddie wants to go to New York. Morbius is filmed in the UK and the US. Some of the sets are in New York.


Seeing two supervillains either fighting or cooperating is quite interesting. We actually never had anything like this aside from the really weak attempts at making coalitions between villains in Batman movies. We certainly do not want to see Mr. Freeze with his dad jokes teaming up with Poison Ivy again. However, Morbius looks quite grim and dark meaning that his interactions with Venom whose devotion to dark humor are one of his most iconic character traits can be very exciting!

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