No Time To Die Is Ready for Release and Will Be Left Untouched

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The latest and for some actors the last installment of the James Bond franchise was pushed back by at least seven months. The movie was set to premiere in April of 2020, however, it was moved to a later date in November of this year. The delay is related to the current coronavirus outbreak that has been negatively affecting the whole entertainment industry.

The delay was announced a couple of weeks ago and was the first major delay due to the quarantine measures. Since then, many theaters were forced to close down amidst the epidemic and health concerns forcing several studios to postpone their big-hitters to later dates. While some movies were pushed just a couple of months back, some blockbusters will never see the light of day until the end of 2021.

No Time to Die is the anniversary motion picture. It will be the 25th film in the franchise spanning across several decades. Daniel Craig was not really interested in another Bond movie but decided to join the project nevertheless. We are expecting his story to conclude with a bang. He has a couple of personal issues to resolve as well as another global threat to deal with.

Now, the movie has been filming without any major problems. Some reshoots were announced but nothing major. It was said that the director and the producers were happy with how the film turned out. It was in the final stage of post production when the news about the delay came in. It seemed that the movie had some more time to polish and add some cool stuff. However, Cary Fukunaga said that the film is finished and will not be edited or otherwise changed in the near future.


She said that the movie does not need any more posts and looks good as is. The movie will be stored safely until the release in November. It is good news for the team behind the camera since many companies had to stop working on the postproduction of their movies altogether or work from home due to lockdowns all over the globe.

Having a movie ready to release in the near future is positive for Fukunaga who can now start brainstorming her future projects instead of worrying about the fate of the current one. She said that adding more stuff and making it look even better is always a possibility. However, the costs of additional post production will unlikely to be recouped in the box office if they don’t just stop working on it. She added that the film looks great in its current form and needs no tinkering.

Later, she elaborated about the timing of coronavirus and stated that the work was pretty much wrapped up before the COVID-19 pandemic affected them. Working on the movie from home is actually possible but Fukunaga said that it is a good idea to just let it rest and prepare for the upcoming Fall release.

What we must highlight is that the decision to stop post production efforts make sense from the financial perspective since studios will be very short on money after the pandemic. Currently, most if not all projects are halted. The entertainment industry does not have a clear way to make money from products that were already made. Releasing some of the movies on streaming platforms will not help studios to stay afloat for longer. Many filmmakers are already on the brink of collapse and the coronavirus outbreak may very well be the final blow.


With such grim perspectives in mind, saving each and every penny to make the most out of already finished products seems like a very good idea. Bond 25 will make some money. However, the economic situation in the Fall may be far from ideal judging by what is going on all around the globe and seeing massive unemployment spikes in the US. The film may not make a billion dollars after all…

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