No Time to Die Main Song Will Tell Us The Fate of The Hero

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The reimagination of the James Bond franchise that focused on making the character a little bit more realistic and less romanticized was warmly welcomed by the audience. Since the introduction of the new version of the 007 agents in the Casino Royale movie, the franchise has been performing well while not bringing anything groundbreaking to the table. 

The next installment of the series promises to be quite different and maybe even put a big exclamation mark at the end of the script to signify the last chapter of the new iteration of the character. The new movie seems to be darker, more action-packed, and epic. The main song for the movie is performed by Billie Eilish and was well-received by fans amassing over 50 million views on all social platforms and instantly appearing in many top-selling lists. 

So far, everything about the next Bond movie seems to be quite good and warmly embraced by the fandom. However, there is, even more, to discuss some of the aspects of the movie including the song by Billie Eilish. 

The lyrics tell a story that may be hinting at the fate of the titular character of the series. Remember Skyfall by Adele? The song was basically telling us the main theme of the movie and addressed some of the plot points albeit very elegantly without actually pointing at specific events in the movie. The “No Time to Die” theme song seems to be based on the developments on the screen as well.


We were a pair but I saw you there. Too much to bear.

The music in the song is loud yet very soft and slow-paced. Billie Eilish made her vocals expressive and added a lot of texture with soft cracks and soothing high-pitched head-singing. The lyrics seem to be very fitting since they tell a story of betrayal and tragedy featuring lines like “We were a pair but I saw you there. Too much to bear.” 

The lyrics then move on to question whether it was stupid or reckless to fall in love with someone and resolve in the chorus that that tells us about a betrayal experienced by the hero. The story between Madeleine Swann and our hero is what most likely hinted at by the lyrics. 

The song also strongly suggests that some of the heroes will be sent off in the next movie. Perhaps, we will see the tragic end of Madeleine’s character. Whether the next movie will focus on the theme of betrayal and comeuppance, we will see at the beginning of April!


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