Shang-Chi Is Delayed: Will Be Released In May of 2021

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Disney is making risky moves and delays all its movies by several months and even years. While you can’t really expect the company to release something amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there are also concerns in regards to the bottom line of the company. Disney is not suited well to withstand the severity of a national lockdown. After spending a huge chunk of money on acquiring Sony, Disney found itself in a precarious situation: the company needs to make money somehow but it can’t.

All sources of revenue for the company are either forced to close down or do not generate sufficient money. Their parks are closed, toy stores that distribute their merchandise are closed, the movie is not being filmed, and movie theaters are also not operating meaning that films that are already ready cannot be released. Disney simply doesn’t have any money to work with at the moment. Their Disney+ endeavor is also not something that will be profitable in the nearest future. It is a huge money sink for at least a couple of years.

On the other hand, they could try to sell their films digitally. People who are currently sitting at homes in isolation would love to see Black Widow. However, Disney decided to tighten their belts and postpone all their big releases. The MCU will also move all their films to later dates. One of the MCU entries that we are going to talk about now is Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi is a movie that was anticipated by many due to its unusual topic. It is a story about an Asian martial artist who starts fighting crime and uses his outstanding fighting skills to crush his opposition. Now, the Avengers roster definitely won’t need someone without superpowers on top of having both Black Widow and Hawkeye. It is hard to find something meaningful for them to do.


However, Endgame made a couple of big moves. Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself to get the soul stone. Therefore, her position in the MCU roster of heroes is now vacant. It is a perfect opportunity to fill the void with a martial artist who will use his gadgets and skills to aid the team in smaller missions much like Black Widow did. It will allow writers to find something for him to do while focusing the story on big hitters like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Thor.

We also have to admit that while all MCU heroes are good hand-to-hand fighters, no one uses martial arts. Even Doctor Strange, who is trained to be a martial artist uses mostly his magic abilities which are way more effective in a combat situation. Adding someone who is actually proficient in kicking and punching is a good idea especially considering the fact that another great hand-to-hand fighter has left the roster. We are talking about Steve Rogers. Cap is canonically one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel universe.

Shang-Chi was conceptualized for movies about two or three years ago when Marvel started planning for Phase 4 of the MCU. Fans all across the globe were hyped about seeing a kung-fu master fairing against other MCU characters. Sadly, we will have to wait for another year.

The recent news broke the hearts of many MCU fans. Shang-Chi is being postponed till May of 2021. The coronavirus outbreak makes it highly unlikely that it will have a spot to be released this spring. Chances are that many theaters may still be closed by June. It means that Disney has to move its biggest properties to Summer and Fall or even the next year. 


Shang-Chi is obviously aiming at the Chinese audience much like Mulan, another big blockbuster from Disney. It makes sense to move these releases to later dates when the coronavirus pandemic is dealt with across the globe. Some experts believe that it will take years for us to beat the virus completely. However, we might be able to start living somewhat normally before the Fall of this year.

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