Sonic The Hedgehog Is Massively Successful and Stars of The Film Are Happy!

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Jeff Fowler’s efforts to make the movie better after the backlash he received for the CGI monstrosity that was supposed to be Sonic in the initial trailer definitely paid off. He is riding a wave of success right now as the movie continues to make headlines and break industry records. The opening box office number was huge and set a new $57 million record for a video game adaptation debut beating Detective Pikachu’s impressive $54.3 million openings.

The massive box office success and high praise from fans are a result of the attention paid to feedback. Jeff Fowler was more than excited to see the numbers and expressed his gratitude on Twitter by thanking fans for love and support. The movie received a good “A” CinemaScore and the bright future of the movie in the box office territory is secured. Now, the fans want more of Sonic and demand a sequel. After such a great performance, the sequel talks will be a breeze for the creative team behind the movie.

This amazing performance from Sonic is exactly what fans of video game adaptations needed to see. Gamers love their franchises and would love seeing them succeeding and delivering on the big screen. The sad part here is that many movies based on video games are quite weak and did not live up to expectations. While being enjoyable and often expensive, these movies rarely make big bucks in theaters. It is true for the bombastic World of Warcraft, mildly entertaining Assassin’s Creed, and others.

Sonic is not just a videogame character. It is basically the only famous hero owned by Sega. It is popular amongst fans of old console games. Sonic was never a pop-culture idol but he is about to become one after such a massive success. On the other hand, there were many other factors that contributed to big-ticket sales.

For example, the trick with redesigning Sonic worked wonderfully and won the hearts of many moviegoers. Inviting Jim Carry to portray Dr. Robotnik was a brilliant idea that walks on the line between just smart and genius. The script is tight and, while with a bunch of minor plot holes, works well to allow actors to work freely and deliver satisfying performances. 

Will we see more good video game adaptations? Detective Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog seem to be good examples of how to make one!

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