The Long Awaited Baby Yoda Toy Is Confirmed and It Will Be Very Expensive

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Ever since the arrival of the Mandalorian to the Disney+ streaming service, the audiences have been enjoying one of the best stories told in the universe of Star Wars. Some say that this is the best story since the original trilogy. While the new show focused on Mando, one of the last survivors of the Mandalorians, received a warm welcome from both fans and casual viewers, the true show stealer was Baby Yoda.

The cute alien from the same species as Yoda and Yaddle is an adorable toddler with impressive force powers hidden inside him. Baby Yoda was initially presented as a simple McGuffin in a fetch quest, but John Favreau and his writing team had a huge surprise for us. He became a character that would drive necessary changes in the main cast of the show and create tension in every single episode. His cute moments definitely made the show much better than it was. This is a big praise since the show is actually quite good and despite having a couple of filler episodes has some nice pacing and amazing action.

The fans of the franchise were begging for a Baby Yoda toy. To some fans, it was baffling that Disney did not capitalize on the popularity of the character. The merchandise for Baby Yoda seemed really bad: you could get a t-shirt or a cup, but nothing special. The toy that was created after a storm on Reddit and other social media platforms did not live up to expectations.

Disney decided to announce a new toy that will stand at 16.5 inches and resemble the character much better. In fact, it looks exactly like The Child from the show. It is a premium merchandise product aimed at hardcore fans who want to have something really expensive and cute looking on their shelves. The figure is priced at $350 which is quite expensive even for a very good piece of merchandise. The price may be slightly lower for those who are willing to wait some extra time. The $350 price tag is slapped on the pre-order.


The figure is expected to hit the shelves in August — October, 2020. People who pay for the pre-order may receive their toys before the second season arrives in Fall of 2020. If you are interested in the franchise and cannot live without an adorable power-using Baby Yoda, you should definitely think about paying for the pre-order in $52.50 installments.

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