Top 10 Movies About Viruses and Zombies to Watch

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There is no particular genre for the movies we have selected for you. They contain every kind of genre within them. But all of these films connected, because they all have stories about the plague, zombies, virus spreading, illnesses, and aliens. You should be ready for a zombie invasion, and everything else that can happen during this quarantine..

MEV-1, Contagion (2011)

This film is probably the nearest to the real film about scary plague virus spreading around the world. Everything about starts from the situation, that everything worst happened, besides the death of all people. The main and only one thing characters need to do is make vaccines, all film actually about their attempt to create it.

Solanum Virus, World War Z (2013)

This film actually about one thing — zombies and how the main characters try to save humankind from it. Fantastic emotional and drama movie starring Brad Pitt. It also contains a lot of fights versus zombies, so that’s why film name contains word war, kind of thriller. He needs everything to solve that problem.

Motaba, Outbreak (1995)

This movie tells us a frustrating story about a virus called Motaba, actually is the same Ebola, which exists. Everything the same started in Africa, in tropics. If today coronavirus probably started because of the bat, now it happened because of monkey. Groups of researchers need to find it to analyze viruses and create a vaccine.


Virus, The Cassandra Crossing (1976)

Amazing film about viruses, with not a typical plot. People stacked on the train, which do not have a destination path. Everything mixed with beautiful Sophia Loren and, of course, deadly virus. They need to survive that hard times in their outbreak. The main problem is not a virus, an issue that many strangers are trapped in a small place.

Krippin Virus, I Am Legend (2007)

Maybe you have never watched this film, but you saw these cadres 100%. Remember Will Smith is in New York with his dog, and he is only one man alive, who tries to survive zombies, viruses, and other problems of living alone in a dangerous world. It’s not like war z. It’s like a war of humans versus himself.

Kalavirus, 12 Monkeys (1995)

The old film, but still an amazing variant to watch. It tells us about the deadly virus, which started again from the monkeys. This film is not actually about the fight with zombies or viruses. This is scientific. Main characters try to solve the problem and create a vaccine. We will see how they are doing it.

Mad Zombie Disease, Zombieland (2009)

Finally, we stopped at something hilarious, starring Woody Harelson and Jese Eisenberg. This film about zombies invasion in which people try to create some groups to fight those zombies. This is a comedy, and it is so hilarious. Watch it first and then watch the second part, the second part same very good.


Andromeda, The Andromeda Strain (1971)

One more ancient film, but this is classics about virus spreading. Alien ships came to the Earth, but they were broken, and now everything on Earth was infected by a deadly virus, kind of sci-fi, but anyway interesting and still can be real. 

Flare Virus, The Maze Runner series (2014)

Film-based of very popular books with the same names. The story about a young guy who wants to save the world from the aliens

The Plague, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

The last film in our film, as maybe you know Monty Python, is everything about black humor, this film the same about it and also about a deadly virus like the plague.

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