Top 7 Worst Actors Ever (See Why)

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Talented actor – it sounds proud and prestigious. But is there always a reason for pride? You know, it’s very easy to spoil everything with some strange act. And if you still suddenly received 19 nominations for the worst actor (Razzie), then it seems that you really have problems. Our interesting top today is about the list of the worst actors and those with whom it is very difficult to work. Let’s go!

7. Nicolas Cage

There were moments in his life that could, without hesitation, be called great acting. And there are moments not particularly about acting, but still triumphant. Nevertheless, modern people think that Nicolas isn’t the same. No wonder! He already has six nominations for Golden Raspberry (Razzie), but the stubborn Cage will not stop there.

6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart starred as Bella Swan in the romantic thriller Twilight, released in 2008. From this moment began a real boom of her success. Twilight was warm-heartedly welcomed by the audience, but not by film critics. In 2013, the last part of the movie «Twilight» became the champion in the number of Golden Raspberry awards.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

It would seem that this actor is the favorite of millions! But no such luck, of course, Arnie performed the role of Terminator very well (which is a robot without emotions!). However, his strong accent and a slightly frozen acting don’t make him a good actor.


4. Adam Sandler

Yes, he is funny, he is charming Billy Madison, but 11 nominations for Golden Raspberry proved otherwise! No one will argue that Adam Sandler was completely of a sense of limits: he was failing project after project. Adam Sandler also became Hollywood’s most overrated actor.

3. Jaden Smith

What do you think if not for his star dad, could this guy become a Hollywood actor? Noo..hardly possible! Let’s recall 2013 After Earth. Critics smashed the film, and the audience responded ambiguously about the picture. As a result, the movie received six nominations for Golden Raspberry.

2. Madonna

It is generally accepted that Madonna is the queen of pop music. However, being the queen of music doesn’t mean being the queen of cinema. The Madonna has 6 Golden Raspberry awards!

1. Sylvester Stallone

Drum roll … we have a record holder! The famous Italian Stallion received as many as 19 Golden Raspberry awards, can you imagine? The actor got worldwide fame after the release of the movie Rocky.


Hard to work as hell actors

And now let’s find out which of the actors are impossible to normally work with!

7. Katherine Heigl

There are legends about the hard character of 35-year-old Katherine Heigl: they say that working with the actress is simply unbearable, and onset she is endlessly making a fuss and disappointing everyone with her high demands.

6. Mike Myers

Comedian Mike Myers, known for his role as Austin Powers, normally works with colleagues onset, but at the outset he becomes unbearable.

5. Charlie Sheen

Sheen’s career problems began in 2011 when he was kicked out of the Two and a Half Men sitcom due to drug abuse and ongoing conflicts (in fact, fights) with the film crew.

4. Alec Baldwin

This famous actor is also known for being late, for his fights, lack of professionalism in relation to the film crew.

3. Bruce Willis

Kevin Smith, director of the movie Cop Out, admitted that working with Bruce is an extremely difficult test for the soul. At the premiere of the film, the director said- «I want to thank everyone who participated in making the film. Except for Bruce Willis, who acted like a freak».

2. Casey Affleck

The cameraman and producer of the film, I’m Still Here, which was released in 2010, accused Affleck of sexual harassment.

1. Kevin Spacey

Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has been accused of sexual harassment of an 18-year-old male.

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