Unobvious Things in Episode 1 of Rick and Morty

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Animated series for adults is a long-standing popular genre. The animated series “Rick and Morty,” at one time, became a real phenomenon. The adventures of a mad scientist grandfather and his grandson have captured the minds of many fans of adult animation. And then there were pauses; the seasons began to come out with greater intervals, sometimes a year, or even two, which is quite a long time for a popular series. Let’s get back to the topic. Rick and Morty are teeming with “easter eggs” and references. There are a lot of things you may have simply not noticed. So what didn’t you notice in the very first episode?

Safety belt

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Please note that Rick is never buckling up in vehicles, while all other heroes are. You know that Rick drives completely relaxed and without attention, but at the same time, he doesn’t follow safe driving techniques. What can I say here? Rick doesn’t care whether he lives or dies. Of all the 4 seasons, Rick was buckled up only a few times.

School for silly people

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In the first episode, after night traveling with his grandfather Rick, Morty feels tired and overwhelmed. Consequently, the viewer learns that in this family, this happens all the time almost every night. Jerry (father of the family) is disappointed with what is happening. However, Rick hastens to assure them that school is complete nonsense for stupid people. Everyone is running and yelling something. Somewhere you can hear “two plus two” “four.” There is some kind of madness. You are given a piece of paper with permission to go to the toilet and other stuff. In general, smart people will not go there.

A little about the unique dimension 35 -C

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Want to know more about dimension 35-C? This world is an alternative universe, seen by our heroes in the season’s first episode. Rick and Morty were visiting a strange planet to find some Mega Trees. Why? They just needed seed-bearing fruits that Rick recognized as extremely valuable for his work. Morty broke both legs (unsuccessfully climbed a cliff). However, Rick explored another world with more complex medicine and managed to cure him. Unfortunately, the portal cannon was discharged because of all this, and they came back to Earth. One strange thing – Morty had to store Mega Seeds in his … you know … butt.


Consisting of a very strange and alternate version of Earth, Dimension 35-C is ruled by a bunch of aliens. It is a very vivid world full of yellow skies, green clouds, and eye-catching rock formations. The desert is populated by many strange-looking beings. One of them had been a giant arachnid monster stalking Rick and Morty. There are also winged thighs, and what looks like a ball of pieces of the body: strange trees, and indigo grass. The only plant identified was the Mega Tree, which resembled closely… ok, we’re not going to say it.

A bunch of Easter eggs in the Interdimensional Portal-Port

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In the first episode, we had the opportunity to look at the incredible and highly detailed Portal-Port. How much time does it take to consider everything that is shown here? It’s just packed with “Easter eggs.” Here you could see references to Alien, Sesame Street and, which is quite funny, to McDonald’s. If you look closely, you can see Space Invaders. And this is only a small part of what is there actually shown!

Probably, if you need to make a portrait of the audience who adore such animation, then we will see approximately the same people. Daring and fantastic cartoons, as a rule, are loved by infantile and intelligent ones, who can get stuck in adolescence in their lifestyle and thirst for knowledge. That is why, among the fans of “Rick and Morty” there are so many men over 30 and young girls – some are looking for a way to escape from everyday life and fuss at work and in the family, while the latter get to know the world through the brightness and romance of cartoons.

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