Weird Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

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Because the world didn’t already have enough oddball conspiracy theories, the darkest reaches of the online world has now produced some and hopefully they don’t destroy your cherished childhood memories.

That’s right, our Saturday morning or after school television fests as children may have been just scratching the surface with the obvious antics of our favorite characters, when in actuality there was much more than met the eye.

We have graciously provided you with several of the most interesting and from some of the most popular cartoons over the last several decades. Although they aren’t exactly diabolical or bent on indoctrinating young minds such as Captain Planet and Sonic the Hedgehog (both bent on bringing down the evil, fat, cigar smoking, corporate polluters), nonetheless, these theories certainly caught our attention. 

The Rugrats Babies Are All Dead

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Okay, not quite all of them. Baby Dil is actually alive, but he is the only one according to this online theory that presents the idea that all these characters are purely imaginary babies in the slightly disturbed mind of Angelica Pickles’ who “sees dead people”.


As the theory goes, Phil and Lily are really one one child that was aborted so the gender was unknown. Chucky died at birth along with his mother and Tommy was stillborn. The theory gets a little creepier stating that the deformity of Baby Dil’s head is actually the result of Angelica hitting him.

Seeing how Angelica isn’t in all the episodes of the cartoon, the theory does seem a bit far fetched, but if we observe the behavior of the parents, there might be some evidence to corroborate it. 

Afterall, what the heck are the parents doing to allow the Rugrats to get into so much mischief without hardly a hint of supervision? Bad parenting or is it something more?

SpongeBob Squarepants Lives in a Undersea Nuclear Wasteland

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This idea isn’t too outlandish, but it has never been confirmed (or denied) by the creators of the long running cartoon. The theory draws mostly on the similarity between SpongeBob, Patrick, and the gang’s town of Bikini Bottom and the site of over 20 different Cold War nuclear tests conducted by the U.S. – Bikini Atoll. 


The theory holds that the strange development of the characters is largely due to the nuclear fallout of the tests and that the “Bottom” in the name suggests it is located under the nuked atoll. Adding credibility to the theory is the fact that the show uses live action nuclear explosions in many different episodes.

We already have the fabulous creation of female swimwear that draws its name from the Pacific Ocean nuclear test site so why not let the events be the background for some of our favorite cartoon characters of all time.

Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and the Gang are All Ghosts

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After 50 years of chasing down imposters and bringing them to justice, did you ever notice that the Mystery Inc. group never ages? 

This theory is certainly one of our favorites because it might make the most sense of the lot. The teens spend their time travelling from one destination to another unmasking fake ghosts and spirits, but we never see them at home or know anything about them. Also, they never get paid for their efforts.

Interestingly enough, the existence of real spirits, ghosts, and ghouls has been noted by the handlers of the Scooby-Doo universe so this may give additional credence to the claim. Of course, you may be asking why they are always running scared when they run into a real supernatural being. Good question, but perhaps it’s just a ghost thing.

One definite casualty of this theory is prevailing “Scooby snack” induced state of Shaggy and Scoobs. It seems unlikely that two ghosts are sharing a blunt.

Pokemon are a Figment of Ash Ketchum’s Imagination Because He’s in a Coma

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In the very first episode of Pokemon, Ash Ketchum crashes his bicycle and gets injured. This theory stipulates that his injuries put Ash in a coma and that his pokemon searching adventures are all part of his struggle to find reality and return to the real world from his deep sleep.

How do all these new pokemon appear? Where were they at and why didn’t Ash know about them before? Are they just spontaneous inventions of his subconscious comatose mind?

If you’re like us, you’re going through dozens of episodes trying to see if this all makes sense. Trust us when we say that this theory has quite a bit of credibility and not just because Ash doesn’t age. 

You see, Ash may not age but he does recall all these adventures he has, which is odd considering he is still 10 years old. Many cartoon characters don’t age. Just look at Tom and Jerry – what’s the lifespan of a cat and mouse anyway? The key here is that Ash HAS HAD all these experiences and they’re discussed so it wouldn’t be possible to have done so much without aging. Hmmmm… We know.

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