Who Is Going to Be the Next Spiderman?

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Tom Holland is certainly one of the most likable additions to the MCU. However, Sony may have other plans for the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler. Recently, rumors appeared that Andy Garfield is in talks to return back to the franchise and reprise his role as the famous superhero once again. While people didn’t like his Peter Parker, many praised him for being a very good Spidey.

The fights between two studios continue to create commotions in the community that likes Tom Holland and would like him to stay with the team of superheroes that form the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster. The latest debacle was sorted out thanks to the input from Tom Holland himself and two studios realizing that keeping the hero in the MCU is the best course of action.

The fandom will be slightly divided if the rumors are true. While the vast majority of MCU fans love Tom Holland’s SpiderMan, there are some people who believe that Garfield did not have enough “good” material to work with and his trilogy was never really wrapped up. The Amazing Spiderman wasn’t a big box office bomb but it failed to impress the fandom making it a disappointment for Sony.

Moviespremieres | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

The rumors started by the media outlet We Got This Covered are not clear. The outlet is infamous for making bold claims that do not always turn out to be true. Garfield is actually too old to be a convincing Spiderman (he is 36). It is hard to believe that studio execs are planning to alter the image of the superhero drastically.


There can be a version of the film that depicts Peter Parker at an older age. This premise could work as proved by the recent Into The Spiderverse where middle-aged Peter Parker provides guidance to young Morales. The surge of more serious and dramatic films with aging superheroes (Logan and Infinity Saga exploring the adventure of aging IronMan) also proves that there is an audience ready to consume movies that have mature heroes.

Well, it still seems to be just wishful thinking on the side of Garfield fans. The actor is very busy with a multitude of projects. He will appear in the next Gia Coppola’s film and The Stranger Things as well as a couple of other projects like Instrumental, a movie based on the life story of James Rhodes.

However, if Garfield won’t appear on the big screen in the CGI suit, he may appear as the voice of someone from the Spiderverse. The latter is being expanded very soon as Sony does not want to ignore its new golden goose.

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